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10 Years of Experience

About Triple Element

About our CLINIC

Our very cozy and relaxing Chinese Medicine clinic is the perfect space to unwind, release and heal.

We believe in our patients and are dedicated to providing natural health-care in a new way. We coach our patients to support you every step of the way towards better health.

Why we are Different

  • Natural
  • Evidence-Based
  • Coaching

At Triple Element we are revolutionizing the patient-doctor experience by providing on-going coaching to support our patients into a healthier lifestyle.

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Expert Acupuncturists

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    Holistic Approach

    Our holistic approach promotes your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, addressing the root causes of health concerns for long-term balance and wellness.

  • 2

    Integrative Collaboration

    We combine expertise and perspectives through collaborative teamwork to create comprehensive and affordable treatment plans.

  • 3

    Individualized Care

    We provide personalized care, listening to your unique needs and preferences to develop treatment strategies for optimal results.

  • 4

    Natural Therapies

    Our gentle and discreet natural therapies, such as herbal medicine and acupuncture, activates your body's healing mechanisms to promote wellness.


David Miguez

David is the owner and lead Chinese Medicine Practitioner helping patients feel better and lead a healthy life.

Our Main Areas of Expertise

Our collective approach to treating the ailment from the root cause defines our expertise in holistic solutions to your health problems.

Our Experts

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